Draft Minutes of PDC March 8, 2017 Meeting

Providence District Council (PDC) Meeting Minutes
Date: Wednesday March 8, 2017
Time7pm9 pm
Location:   Providence Community Center, 3001 Vaden Drive, Fairfax (Multipurpose Room)
Primary Speakers:   Supervisor Linda Smyth, School Board Member Dalia Palchik and Fairfax County and School Budget Office staff members.
–   Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) Advertised Fiscal Year (FY) Budget presentation
–   Fiscal Year 2018 Fairfax County Budget Presentation and Discussion
The Providence District Council hosted a Budget Town Hall meeting with Providence District Supervisor Linda Smyth and School Board Member Dalia Palchik.  Staff from the County and School Budget offices also presented.
FCPS Advertised Fiscal Year (FY) Budget:
In summary, the FCPS FY 2018 Advertised Budget:
 – Expenditures are increasing to address requirements to maintain current programs and services, in part due to growing enrollment, student demographic changes, and retirement and health increases
 – Current budget proposal only funds basic FCPS needs, with a focus on the FCPS Strategic Plan (employee compensation and classroom resources)
 – Additional funding from the county and state is needed to support basic requirements and to continue multi-year investments in FCPS employees.
Below is the overall Budget Calendar for FY 2018 for the remainder of this fiscal year:
 – April 4 – School Board presents FCPS budget to Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.
 – April 4-6 – Board of Supervisors holds public hearings on the budget. 
 – April 24 – School Board conducts budget work session.
 – April 25 – County Board of Supervisors completes FY 2018 Budget mark-up to determine budget package and tax rate.
 – May 1 – School Board conducts budget work session.
 – May 2 – County Board of Supervisors approves the FY 2018 Adopted County Budget, tax rate resolution, and transfer amount to schools. 
 – May 11 – School Board FY 2018 Approved Budget presented for new business.
 – May 16 – School Board holds public hearings on FY 2018 Budget (additional hearing on May 17 if needed). 
 – May 18 – School Board conducts budget work session. 
 – May 25 – School Board adopts FY 2018 Approved Budget. 
 – July 1 – FY 2018 begins. 
For the most up to date information as well as to view a video explaining the FCPS budget, refer to:   www.fcps.edu/budget
Citizens are encouraged to attend School Board meetings, watch meetings streamed via FCPS’ website, and view archived videos of past meetings.  Citizens may also get involved by:
 – Speaking at an FCPS Board meeting. To do so, refer to:
 – Speaking at a Board of Supervisors public hearing.  To do so, refer to:
Then select “Speakers List Sign-up” from the Index on the left side.
Fairfax County Budget Plan:
Highlights for the County’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Advertised Budget include:
 –  An overall increase for both County disbursements and School transfers of 2.41%
–  Includes more than $13 million in savings/minor revenue enhancements and 13 position eliminations generated from opportunities submitted by County agencies
–  Net position increase of 50 County positions
– Budget balanced at current Real Estate tax rate of $1.13 per $100 of assessed value
–  Available balance of $1.99 million for the Board’s consideration
–  Lack of funding limited the number of Board priorities that could be addressed
Overall, the County needs are greater than its resources.  The Advertised Budget for FY2018 focuses on meeting Board priorities, particularly related to prior Board actions, and including opportunities for savings and efficiencies.
In the County’s Multi-year plan, the FY 2019 County budgetary shortfall is estimated at $96 million, even though Fairfax County is considered one of the wealthiest counties in the country.  This could be attributed in part to Virginia’s Dillon Rule which limits local (county) government powers in areas such as raising revenue, and it cannot take certain actions without appropriate action from the state. This limits revenue diversification options among other things.
To view the Fairfax County’s Budget Process Timeline for FY2018, refer to: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dmb/process-timeline/
To view the Fairfax County’s FY 2018 Advertised Budget Plan and related information, refer to: